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The umbrellas succumbed but Saks Potts stayed on point

In a stormy show with grey waves as a backdrop, Saks Potts got wind behind the styling, but they could have turned the party up even more.
In a stormy show with grey waves as a backdrop, Saks Potts got wind behind the styling, but they could have turned the party up even more.


Saks Potts, Monday 7. August 2023 at 19.00 by Kystvejen, Charlottenlund

Saks Potts has become known for grandiose, beautiful and surprising shows so expectations were high when – I was told – around 1,300 people found themselves seated along Kystvejen in Charlottenlund with a view of the dramatic and grey-toned sea. And when we had all settled down and most of the umbrellas had succumbed to the stormy weather, something finally happened: a blue party bus with loud music and flashing lights rolled up behind the many seats. All as one we looked around to see what was happening…

And then nothing really happened. The bus parked a little out of sight and then the models quietly left the bus and sheltered from the rain in a large, white tent. Was that it? Then the music was turned up, and after Lis Sørensen’s “Lyngen Er Lilla” had played, the models came down the catwalk with the sea as a background. So yeah, I guess it was. The party bus just seemed to have been the best way to transport the many models to the show location with dry feet and wasn’t a gimmick beyond that. But with large, blue sequins, silvery leather and lots of frills among the first looks, it would have been obvious to bring a little more of the party from the bus into the show.

The shiny and glittering materials did well against the grey-on-grey background and the silver leather in particular shone in a long trench coat. At the same time, the large sequins acted as a good counterpoint to a sand-coloured woollen skirt, which could otherwise have gone a bit “grandma” if it weren’t for the styling with the sparkling blue bandeau top.

In general, Saks Potts excel in styling: where small belt bags in clear plastic, shirts tied loosely over shoulders, large tote-bags with the same shirt fabric under transparent plastic and small scarves wrapped around an ankle with a silk dress add a little extra twinkle to the eye and tie the many opposites styles together beautifully.

A lot has happened since the brand’s big, brightly coloured fox furs (rightly so, one might add, because let’s all agree that fur has long since passed) and Saks Potts has become a full-fledged brand with clothes for every occasion. Many styles and details are already easily recognisable as Saks Potts’ – like the halter neck and deep V-neck dress we’ve seen interpreted for a few seasons now. The aforementioned large sequins are now also a permanent part of the summer collections in one colour or another.  Also the detail with a small sailing ring on the chest of the polo shirts, right where many other brands would have an embroidered logo. The sail rings are not new at Saks Potts – we already saw them last summer in a large version in several brown leather styles.

In the summer, it seems that Saks Potts have a little more difficulty finding their footing when they don’t have outerwear to show off. Because here they really shine, and although they are good for party dresses, cargo pants, swimwear and polo shirts, it’s still in the few pieces of outerwear that you also get a little extra “wow” in this collection. And it’s not because all of the non-outerwear is boring: a lot of it is really nice and shows that Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts are two women with really good taste who know what they’re doing. Today’s nomination for the Wessel & Vett Fashion Prize also suggests that. I’m just looking forward to them being as comfortable in everything else as they are in the outerwear, because then I’m sure there will be a wow effect worthy of a big gold medal.

See a selection of the show looks below and see the entire collection here.

This show review is translated from Danish to English by Graham Addinall.