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A strong show marks 7 Days going into a new week

Simon Rasmussen showed us the brand's activewear heritage whilst widening the whole concept.
Simon Rasmussen showed us the brand's activewear heritage whilst widening the whole concept.

7 Days Active, Monday 7. August at 18.00, Game Streetmekka Copenhagen.

Athleisure and sportswear has been a subject of hot discussion in the fashion world of late. Pandemic shut-downs two years ago meant that many of us spent months in track suit bottoms and sweatshirts and we got used to their comfort and ease but since then, there has been a lot of focus on tailoring as a reaction to those dark times and as a reflection of a need to dress up more. So, with his first full season as Creative Director at 7 Days, Simon Rasmussen was entering rather a complicated playing field. Is sportswear ‘over’ or is it here to stay? Pragmatically and intelligently, he worked on a collection that celebrated the activewear heritage of the brand whilst widening the whole concept by introducing new product groups and taking the clothes out of the gym and onto the street.

The location of the show hinted at the broadening of focus: Game Streetmekka is a 2200 square meter venue for sports but also music, dance and street art. Activewear of course has been central to music for decades and it was this angle rather than actual physical sports that Rasmussen used as a source of inspiration for a collection he called ‘Bad Boys 4 Life – Hot Girls Love Losers’. The noughties videos of P Diddy and Limp Bizkit proved a rich vein of influence whilst live music played (energetically) throughout the presentation by hip hop/punk fusion band Fabrak jolted us right into the present day.

The first outfit set the tone with running shorts reworked in rhinestoned fabric and a vintage style tracksuit jacket in black and red leather. More rhinestones appeared on sweatshirts and track-pants worthy of Missy Elliot at her best whilst cropped tops in washed denim worn with track-pants had a Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes vibe. There were a couple of very covetable bomber jackets and a sleeveless top worn over a shirt that almost felt preppy. The number 7 appeared everywhere: as full hardware necklaces and earrings, embroidered on vests and, most interestingly, incorporated into the seams of denim jackets (oversized in true rapper style). Sparkles running down the side of sweatpants veered perhaps a little too far into Juicy Couture territory – things were on much stronger ground when they channelled New York rather than California – but it was a wise decision of Rasmussen to move the brand on into a true ready to wear collection. His tenure with the brand should last way longer than seven days.

See a selection of the show looks below and see the entire collection here.