Nye ansigter og events hos BORCHER.
Nye ansigter og events hos BORCHER.

In the mist of time many new and exciting events have taken place.

In the wonderful world of BORCHER, the area of public relations have gained a new and brightheaded star. Taking over from the highly appreciated Patrikson Communication, Pernille Stevnhoved has taken on the task of conducting all aspects of PR into a wonderful symphony. We are also privileged to introduce Ea Riemann as the new pattern designer of BORCHER, which gives us the strenght to create even more fairytales. In relations to that, we can reveal that BORCHER will introduce new and exciting stories for him, her and something in between during the upcoming CPH fashion week.

It is truly a treat to have these assets on board.

Inspired by some of the trends of time, BORCHER has initiated an interesting and informative blog. In here you can get the newest updates. The blog is for those who indulge in the elegant and mystical universe of fashion. For those who loves fairytales and want a secret peak behind the scene, or for those who just want to be dazzled. To satisfy your curiosity enter

BORCHER is also proud to announce an appearance in the Festival internationale de la photographie de mode. The mesmerizing photo “Têtu”-Campaign S/S 2010, is on display in the streets of Cannes during the international fashion photo festival.

During the CPH fashion week 2010, the Hans Alf Gallery proudly presents a new and innovative collaboration. The artist Maria Rubinke and the designer Mademoiselle Borcher have arranged for their universes to meet. The result is a dramatic yet curious exhibition. The raw and thoughtful meets the dark and angular. It is an exhibition with focus on the exclusive and highly detailed. Exquisite craftmanship, where the passion for creating something out of the ordinary is top priority. Be seduced and provoked in week 32 at Hans Alf Gallery.

BORCHER wish you a magical summer.