Artikel: Aktuelle nyheder - kort 17. maj 2010

Links til aktuelle nyheder fra andre medier...
Links til aktuelle nyheder fra andre medier...

Retail Stocks Up for Week 17. maj 2010 (
Broad declines on Friday were insufficient to keep U.S. retail stocks from posting increases for the week.

It’s Time Fashion Schools Got Down to Business 16. maj 2010 (
LONDON, United Kingdom — Each year, more than 4,000 design students graduate from fashion colleges across the UK.  But there are only about 500 new jobs available for them, leaving thousands of young designers to move abroad or start their own labels. The vast majority of these have absolutely no business training whatsoever.

Stalltips: Han skapar Victorias klänning 16. maj 2010 (
Han har ingen hemsida, inget offentligt telefonnummer. Fyra trappor upp i ett anonymt flerfamiljshus på Södermalm i Stockholm hittar vi mannen som sägs sy på kronprinsessan Victorias brudklänning.

Coalition leaders find common ground in fashion 13. maj 2010 (
David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s Lib-Con harmony appears to extend as far as their sartorial choices

Macy’s returns to profit 12. maj (
Macy’s Inc (M.N) posted improved quarterly results on Wednesday as the department store operator benefited from a strong recovery in consumer spending and efforts to cater merchandise to local tastes.

Fusion bag nyt tekstilfirma 11. maj (
Thygesen Fabrics og Birk Jersey samler metervare-produktion i en ny fælles virksomhed i Ikast