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3 x artistic vibes from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Last week's fashion week oozed artistic creativity. We have collected three brands that stood out in their own way.
Last week's fashion week oozed artistic creativity. We have collected three brands that stood out in their own way.

The grand master of theatrical presentations boxes clever with a knockout show

Henrik Vibskov, Wednesday den 9. august at 18.00 in the backyard of Designmuseum Denmark 

One question that always seems to come up when discussing Henrik Vibskov is ‘where the hell does he find the time?’ Not only is he at the helm of his eponymous clothing label, now over two decades old, but there’s the art, the music, the costume design, the forays into interiors and even the running of a cafe now and again. So it’s a mystery that such a calm and laid back guy has the hours to come up with the concepts (and designs and sets and.. and.. and..) for his collections. And these are no ‘buy the fabric and run it up into a pair of pants’ clothes either – the work that goes into print and textile and pattern cutting is extraordinary. His presentations (both in Paris and Copenhagen) are always high concept and highly theatrical – think choirs, magic tomato trees, giant inflatables and more than a little performance art that manages to be witty and fun rather than cringeworthy. So we all approach his show with a great deal of excitement – even under the threat of rain that hung over today’s outdoor presentation. Read the full review here.

Henrik Vibskov once again mastered to combine his talents within fashion and set design, music and art.

Probably Helmstedt’s strongest collection to date

Helmstedt, Thursday 10. August 2023 at 16.00 at The Plant CPH

I’ve always had a soft spot for Emilie Helmstedt: her fairytale universes and her papier-mâché figures. When she reads a self-written text about the collection out loud at the start of each show with a trembling voice. The hand-painted prints with everything from strawberries, fish, conch shells and mushrooms to clouds, butterflies and sunflowers. It’s all very fine and sweet and adorable. Like herself.

But today was different. When today’s show was about to start, there was no Helmstedt to read. Instead, we heard a more confident and powerful Helmstedt over the speakers. The words “You are my world, Blue,” came first, and talk of strawberries and the sky followed, which was still sweet and a clear dedication to her daughter, Blå. But then the speech became more ominous with “Fantasy is a gift. Creativity is a curse.” The lights dimmed and the music grew more sombre, almost like a warning. For her daughter? Or to other young creatives who hope to make it in this industry? Read the full review here.


P.L.N. on the precipice of a new frontier

P.L.N.Tuesday 8. August 2023 at 18.00, Nikolaj Kunsthal Øvre Galleri

Peter Lundvald Nielsen is on the precipice of a new frontier. After all, this is the designer’s final show as part of the CPHFW NEWTALENT roster. One of the city’s most exciting emerging talents, Nielsen’s label P.L.N. has already made headlines far afield from his native Denmark. His presence represents a distinction from what is customarily expected of the region — minimalism is traded in for the macabre and unexpected. Read the full review here.

P.L.N demonstrated his vision for a new fashion frontier.