Rotate pays homage to the libertine 

Rotate winds back the clock to the 80s, highlighting the power of rebellion and stylish expression.
Rotate winds back the clock to the 80s, highlighting the power of rebellion and stylish expression.

Rotate, Wednesday 1. February 2023 at 18.00

The new year has merely just begun but that didn’t stop Rotate from hosting what might just be the party of the year. Like every festivity, it all started outside. Akin to partygoers queuing to enter a bar, showgoers lined up in a flurry of anticipation, anxiously waiting to be let inside. Upon entrance, the space was vast and mysteriously dark, with spotlights dancing from the ceiling, and as bottles of beer were passed around, a unanimous feeling of celebration pervaded. For a collection inspired by the exuberant glam-rock culture of the 80s, starting the night with 1979 hit ‘Love Thang’ was an entrancing decision, transporting showgoers back in time to the turn of the decade.

Exaggerated proportions and statement sparkes were prevalent from the get-go when a mini dress crafted in black velvet with a ruffled hem, high neck, and two embellished tassels on the breasts graced the runway. Sparkling tassels were followed by an abundance of sequins – both large and small, colorful and monochrome – infusing a daring edge of rebellion into what could have otherwise been a collection for every day, through black three-quarter length leggings, floor-sweeping denim skirts and preppy-bustiers. Skin and the body were also integral in the design choices.

Characteristic of Rotate, animal skin, and floral prints made an appearance, reflecting the high voltage glamour at their very core. But as always, the strength of the collection was the eveningwear, all of which exuded a liberating nonchalance. This sartorial juxtaposition is hard to get right, and while not every style hit the bullseye, Rotate placed themselves high up on the commercial pedestal.

Rotate gathered together a dazzling group of familiar faces hailing from Scandinavia and beyond, many of whom stand at the helm of the new age of empowerment, with their ode for embracing individuality. The audience’s reaction was audible and, in some ways, emotional. Showgoers roared with excitement as they recognized the faces of model Ceval, the very real housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna, as well as influencers Greece Ghanem, and Janka Polliani on the runway, creating an infectious feeling of warmth and unity. Some were friends, others fans, but it was this physical dichotomy that seemingly united us all; each and every one of us was part of the cheering parade. The question is if the models were not well-known figures, would the hype prevail? 

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