Wood Wood take it to the bridge to enter a brave new world

After a recent juggle of the creative team, Wood Wood is entering a whole new phase with a more design-lead approach to the brand. Here are three ways they showed a fresh attitude in Copenhagen Fashion Week.
11.08.2022 ∙ af Graham Addinall
Foto: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Wood Wood, Lille Langebro, onsdag den 10. august 2022 klokken 20.30

1. Collaboration

A series of coats made in collaboration with Hancock, the Scotland-based experts in the craft of making vulcanized (that’s totally waterproof rubberized cotton to you and me) outerwear shows both an elevated design aesthetic and an appreciation of exceptional quality. Coats have double-layer sections, integrated trompe l’oeil jacket panels, and even a detachable pleated dress front the first striking show exit. Made entirely by hand with locally sourced materials, they’re not cheap but they will last a lifetime.

2. Attention 

Moving on from a large sportswear offering, Wood Wood showed an almost nerdy appreciation for details.  On the fabric front, canvas workwear fabrics gave structure to shorts and jackets, innovative washes on denim gave a vintage vibe whilst pure silk gave the opposite effect to slinky dresses.  Pony skin jeans and skirts added another layer of texture to the mix. Prints – always an important part of the Wood Wood offering – mixed sportswear influences with abstract airbrush effects or gave a fresh look to camouflage. And, as details always matter in the world of fashion, sculptural buckles (seemingly quite a trend at the moment) were used to pull draped jersey dresses and tops into body-con shapes. However, a final outfit top of macrame worn under a slouchy suit was maybe slightly too contrived.

3. Location

The Wood Wood presentations of the past usually had a youthful, streetwear vibe, often held in industrial warehouse spaces with live music. This season had the models stride purposefully over the streamlined Lille Langbro pedestrian bridge. Spanning the harbor from the Brave New World vision of Rem Koolhaas’ glass Blox building to the traditional Copenhagen architecture of an old sugar warehouse, the location was a perfect metaphor for a company combining its own heritage with a stronger, modernist attitude.

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