General Quality Agreement With Supplier Of Continental

7 While this does not alter or reduce other Treaty requirements, it is intended to provide a concise understanding of our expectations for quality and the environment. By signing this GQA, Supplier hereby acknowledges that the GQA applies to all components and services it provides to any Continental site worldwide. Validity From the date of entry into force, this CAQ embodies all the conditions of the contract between the parties with regard to the object of the contract and replaces and revokes all previous agreements and understandings. There are no oral statements that have not been embodied here. 9 (i) Category Quality requirements (ii) Quality process requirements (iii) Continental General specifications 4. Purchase agreement 5. Derogations from the order of priority are possible if the parties expressly agree to derogate from individual agreements and to reflect the agreement by adding the following text to each provision: the following provision applies as an explicit derogation from the chapters of the provision. Designation General Quality Convention Rev.B. Document key pages A2C00053611 AAAB 4 of 22. General quality agreement 2. General requirements for system requirements System requirements Current and potential continental suppliers must work in a complete quality system. The provisions of this manual (PDF, 899.9 KB) are mandatory and apply to all commercial agreements with Continental Rubber Group, including all products, to the specified products: first class production, logistics and processes.

Other In-depth Product Inspections (Entry/Exit) Lean Production Only 4-Party Certified Suppliers to this Agreement This QQE applies to the Parties, including the Participating Associated Companies of the Parties. Related entities are all companies controlled directly or indirectly by a party by holding voting shares or by other means, under the joint control of a contracting party or under the control of a party, i.e. the ownership of more than 50% of the voting rights of that company. Related companies may adhere to, be bound by and make use of the GQA`s rights and remedies by signing or entering into an individual agreement. 5 That participating affiliate is then subject, as a Continental and supplier, to the conditions of the GQA, since it has entered the CAQ. For the avoidance of doubt, a participating related entity shall not be jointly and severally liable for the obligations of another party or a participating related enterprise. Scope The purpose of this document is to communicate Continental`s requirements for the quality and environmental management of companies that supply goods and/or production services to Continental. 8 The relevant embedded documents (see Annex 1) apply with the signature of the EQA.

New embedded or revised documents are provided through the SupplyOn Service Document Manager. They shall take effect if, within three months, there is no written objection to the possibility of taking note of the documents. In the case of conflicting rules between the rules of this agreement and another agreement /. -The document is the order of classification of the documents as follows: 1. Strategic Supplier Contract 2. Specification / Drawing 3. General Quality Agreement (GQA). This manual contains detailed information on the requirements and expectations of our suppliers. 3 Process capacity and control 14. . .


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