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By Malene Birger was founded in 2003, the brand—originally conceived by Ms Birger—is now led by Creative Director Mathilde Torp Mader. Combining an air of playfullness, a hint of sophistication and a heart full of wanderlust, By Malene Birger empowers women to be their own muse and gives them the freedom to play with who they want to be from one day to the next. Grown-up, relevant and full of personality, the By Malene Birger collection is everything a modern woman needs in her wardrobe right now.

Job Information
15. april 2019
Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Ellen Dixdotter

Global PR Manager

By Malene Birger is looking for an enthusiastic and innovative PR Manager to join our Global Marketing team. The candidate will be responsible for producing creative communication strategies and plans for the brand's PR activities, handling all communications and monitoring of results.

Skills and requirements

PR & Media Relations

  • Develop innovative PR and communication plans and strategies for the internationalization and digitization of By Malene Birger
  • Build and develop strong strategic relationships with international target media and key press titles
  • Project manage the bi-annual fashion shows and secure maximum level of outcome through press, buyers and influencers
  • Work closely with the Global Marketing team to execute campaigns to target media
  • Manage and implement press & VIP gifting programs
  • Develop and implement PR support and build relationship with PR teams of key wholesale customers
  • Collate and analyse monthly editorial coverage in line with set target KPIs for all relevant markets
  • Manage samples – seasonal orders and gifting
  • Manage and plan the global PR budget

Social Media & Influencers

  • Build and develop strong strategic relationships with international influencers
  • Implement and deliver seasonal social influencer campaigns, both paid and organic
  • Deliver measurable reporting on all social media campaigns

Agency Management

  • Collaborate closely with PR agencies, set and follow up on PR plans and local adaptions as well as set and follow up on KPIs.
  • Provide the PR agencies with all relevant brand information and strategic updates such as PR plans, newsletters, press releases, imagery, samples seeding plans.
  • Assess agency performance with seasonal evaluation reports
  • Plan and set guidelines for all international press days as well as set directions for local implementation of such

The ideal candidate
The skills, qualifications and experience required for this job are:

  • BA in branding/communications or a similar education
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant work experience in PR and communications management, international experience is preferred
  • Excellent organisation and time management
  • Able to spot and successfully implement the latest trends and developments in the field

Reporting to: Marketing & Visual Director
Location: Copenhagen
Position: Full time


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