Voluntary Placement Agreement Oregon

(b) if a child remains in a voluntary institution for more than 12 months, the Youth Court shall hold a permanent hearing in accordance with ORS 419B.476 (hearing) no later than 14 months after the initial voluntary placement of the child, and then no less often than once every 12 months during the continuation of the initial voluntary placement of the child. to determine the future status of the child. Care Issues – A 22-page brochure dedicated to questions children have about foster care. Make a difference. Adoptive Parent and Care (DHS 9510) | A one-sided brochure that summarizes needs, flexible requirements, financial issues and contacts for more detailed information. Make a difference. It is an involuntary placement when a child has been abused or neglected by his or her parents or any other person in the household (or may be threatened with abuse or neglect) or because a court has found that the child is a “person in need of supervision” or a young offender. The court orders that the child be removed from the home and determines the duration of the accommodation. Voluntary housing is available when parents decide that they are temporarily unable to care for their child for reasons other than abuse or neglect. For example, the family has a serious medical, emotional and/or financial problem. Parents sign a voluntary mediation agreement that lists the responsibilities of the parents and the agency during the child`s accommodation. . .


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