Uc Bargaining Agreements

One. An Academic Student Employee (ASE) is a person employed in a tariff unit title. The titles of the bargaining unit are listed in Article 1, recognition. d. The union`s list will include additional names and data for employees who are not currently on the university`s unit770 file list. If the employee does not have an active date in the bargaining unit at the time of the introduction of the pay slip and all personnel data has not yet been entered by the department in the university`s pay slip system, the addition is refused. Declined data sets may be resupsed by the UAW in its subsequent monthly transfers until all staff data is processed in the university`s pay slip system. (1) the applicable appointment title, 2. percentage at term (or hourly), 3) effective date, 4th salary, 5. the address of the contractual website, 16. a link to the UAW website 2865 and 17. a statement that THE ASE may request assistance from the UAW 1.

A mutually agreed form for the choice of union membership “MEF” (Appendix E) will be made available to all new ASDs, while new employee payroll information (e.g. B forms W-4 and I-9) will be made available to THE ASE. 2. In the event that an ESA has already filled in new staff information (e.g. B Forms W-4 and I-9), the university submits a UAW Local 2865 Membership Election form at the time of ASE recruitment into the bargaining unit. 3. The university will collect all signed forms in the original within 10 business/business days of receipt of the completed form and return them to the UAW. ASE`s can also return MEFs to the union. 4. In the event that hearings are ongoing during the summer sessions, one (1) duration for the purposes of compensation shall be two successive 6-week summer sessions or equivalent meetings.

Members of the UAW Bargaining Committee are granted an exemption period paid for the remaining duration of the negotiations, no later than the expiry date of the contract, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. . . .

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