Uottawa Ssuo Collective Agreement

In addition to the above tasks, the support staff also covers many other operational aspects of our university, which have a direct impact on the student experience. So far, headquarters` approach to collective bargaining with the SSU has been uncompromising. As noted in our December 2019 bulletin, the record 2018-2019 financial surplus of $91.8 million is the total wage bill for USS members. On October 6, President Frémont announced that the university was reporting a surplus of $36 million for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. In fact, over the past thirteen years, the university has accumulated more than half a billion dollars of the cumulative surplus ($557.26 million exactly), which provides some services not provided to the university community. Headquarters` refusal to reach a fair and equitable agreement indicates a remarkable undervaluation of the contributions of SSU members to the success of our university. In addition, the workload of APUO members is increasing in line with the position of headquarters and persistent delays in the appeal of more than 100 vacancies in the assistance. Therefore, we invite APUO members to make it clear to their deans that they will not perform the duties of the staff in the case of a work or lockout operation. The APUO will provide further updates on a possible strike or lockout in the coming days. After 19 months of negotiations, the employer and the union representing the university`s support staff were unable to reach a tentative agreement. Dear members, since Monday, the Support Staff of the University of Ottawa (SSUO) has been on strike against the salary and benefit cuts, an orphan clause in their collective agreement,… Read more Assistance staff at the University of Ottawa are officially on strike as of Monday morning, after collective bargaining is deadlocked. Dear members, we are writing today with an update on the ongoing negotiations between the University of Ottawa (SSUO) support staff and headquarters.

As noted in our September 14 newsletter, very little progress was made at the last meeting of the two parties on the way to a fair and equitable agreement for support staff. Headquarters came back to the table with an offer that was “virtually indlementable” from the final offer that 80% of SSUO members rejected in June.

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