Ci Dealer Service Fee Agreement

Some products and services may not be available in all offices. Products and services can only be sold through companies and individuals authorized to sell the product in jurisdictions where the product is qualified for sale. This site does not constitute an offer or invitation to purchase or sell products or services to persons or services in the United States, their territories or property, or in jurisdiction where an offer or invitation is not authorized or cannot be made legally, or to a person to whom it is illegal to submit an offer or invitation. For specific information about your jurisdiction, please contact your nearest Assante office. Both the AFM and the CMA are members of the sector`s investor protection plans, as described below. Investor protection plans reimburse investors for assets held through the member in a client`s account within pre-defined limits when their trader becomes insolvent or bankrupt and their assets are thus absent. The participation of the AFM or the ACM in the protection plans of investors in the sector is not subject to any fees. ACM consultants are licensed to sell shares, bonds, investment funds, GICs and other securities subject to legal exceptions. Your advisor may also offer insurance-related products, such as.

B separate funds, provided that they are duly registered in accordance with current insurance legislation and that the trader authorizes such activity which must be carried out outside the distributor. Assante offers a variety of financial and asset management products and services, as described below: the terms and conditions under which products and services may differ from those described on this site and change from time to time. Products and services are provided only in accordance with the terms of the specific investment contract, prospectus or other documents or contracts governing their sale. In the event of contradictions between the content of this website and such an investment contract, prospectus or other document or contract, the terms of the investment contract, prospectus or any other document or contract prevail.

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